In 2003, As a result of a general strike at Israeli ports, the Minister of Transport and Minister of Finance decided to operate and to run the Israel Shipyards port (ISY Port) as an alternative entrance for goods in order to decrease the damage to Israeli exports and imports. ISY (Israel Shipyard) was looking for a local private company with proven experience in stevedore services. Marine Ties was chosen to provide the task.

In 2005, despite heavy pressure the first reform was carried out in Israelís port services, integrating the private sector business within Israel Shipyards, formerly run by the government. In 2007, the government approved the Israel Shipyard Company to provide port services. Israel Shipyards thus became the first private port in Israel. Continuation of the same year set Israel Shipyards a tender for operating the port. Marine Ties won the tender and following the tender, Israel Shipyards port management and Marine Ties established the first and only private port in the country.

In June 2012, Israel Shipyards port was elected as Israelís leading port done by a satisfaction survey of users conducted by the Chamber of Shipping Ports. Marine Ties is the Israeli leader in its field with more than 15 yearsí experience in providing offshore services to most of the operating companies engaged in the exploration and production of oil and gas in Israel. With our highly skilled & experienced employees covering all the operational needs in stevedoring, logistics and offshore services, we have built a reputation for quality service and the provision of tailormade solutions for customers.

Our Stevedore Services Include:
  • Professional Management with extensive experience in port operations
  • Experienced Port Foremen (SPC for all port operations/movements)
  • Experienced Stevedores. Loading and Unloading all types of vessels and any cargo
  • Nation-Wide transport of heavy equipment
  • Additional areas for storage or extended operational activities
  • Supply of lifting equipment for all types of cargo
  • Qualified Professional Banksmen
  • Qualified Professional Forklift Operators
  • Provision of Cranes
  • Provision of Forklifts

Operating Israel Shipyard port by Marine Ties upgraded the level of relationship & customer service between the provider and the ISY clients and also affected on the governmental ports by significantly improving the level of service ports in the country.

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