Our Safety Managers provide information, instructions, training & supervision to ensure that all employees can safely and competently carry out their work.

The Health & Safety Policy is readily accessible at any workplace & the Policy Content is consistently & effectively implemented throughout all areas of business activity and on all operational sites.

In order to meet with our clients ambitious goals, Marine Ties is also supplying well trained HSE advisors, leading the way in improving Health, Safety and Environmental aspects

Our employees follow all Safety Rules & Regulations:
  • Daily Safe Work Procedures & Company Safety Standards meetings
  • Inspecting all equipment before and after use
  • Making sure that all the equipment is certified and inspected on time
  • Participating in all company safety meetings
  • Regular Company Training Programs
  • Understanding the right and responsibility of working safely every day.

Our employees are well trained for any Emergency Situation & every base is fully equipped with the following:
  • Emergency Plans are located at “Key Areas” on each base and visible to everyone
  • Emergency Vehicles are available at all times
  • Emergency Contact Numbers are posted and valid
  • Rescue Plans are developed under Safety Manager’s Supervision
  • Eyewash Stations installed throughout each base
  • MSDS Sheets readily available for all hazardous products
  • First Aid Supplies available at all sites
  • Fire Extinguishers available throughout each base
  • P.P.E worn by all employees on every location at all times

The Health & Safety of our employees are the highest priorities for our company. We are committed to ensure a safe work environment for everyone who interacts with our business.

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