15 years of service to energy companies

From the first days of the companyís foundation in 1999, Marine Ties Ltd. offers wide range of services to oil and gas exploration and production companies operating in Israeliís Economic Zone & Abroad.

Our professional experience in the Energy Industry includes the provision of services to more than 55 drilling well operations, completion & productions of gas reservoirs. We have been assisting different companies & sub-contractors in numerous activities providing our services from the first stages of the exploration to final production stages. Marine Ties Ltd. was participating in several multi-integrated operations simultaneously, providing project management and operational support with success & economic efficiency.

1999 - 2012: Provision of services during the discovery and development of Yam Tetis.

Yam Tetis was the project for discovery and developing of the natural gas fields in Israeli waters off the coast of Ashkelon.

This was the first of gas fields that have been discovered in Israeli waters. Yam Tetis Project had 3 gas reservoirs (fields). The first gas reservoir Noa was discovered in 1999, followed by Mari B gas reservoir in 2000. Three big partners were involved in these operations, Noble Energy, Delek Drilling and Avner Drilling. These reservoirs were the main gas sources for the Israeli Electricity Company and for the Refinery Factory in Israel in the first decade of the 21st century. Adjacent to Noa Gas Reservoir they had discovered another reservoir named Noa North. The gas that was discovered was later on transferred from Noa North to the Refinery Factory in the beginning of June 2012.

2008 - 2013: Provision of services during the discovery and development of Tamar Reservoirs

Tamar Project involved exploration and production of natural oil and gas in Israeli waters 90km west from Haifa. Huge gas reserves were discovered and created a real opportunity to change the energy situation in Israel. Marine Ties Ltd. has been chosen by the International Leading Independent Energy Company Noble Energy and Israeli Partners to lead and provide Operational & Logistical services. This infrastructure project has been declared the largest ever done in Israel.

Marine Ties were ingaged with many challenging projects. Most likely, the most demanding projects were the SubSea associated projects, such as TAMAR-1's Pipeline & Jumpers Installation, along with Gas production spool trees installations, otherwise known as the XTree

With the agenda of "no machinary can replace human judgment", Marine Ties has provided variety of the operational support & provision of highly qualified:

  • Team leaders
  • Stevedores
  • Onshore and offshore riggers
  • Banks men, who are all together, successfully executed the largest operations in the middle east.

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