1999: Assisting earthquake victims in Turkey:

This project has been done with the great cooperation of the "Nepton Rolen – Israel" Company and included a large number of stages:

Construction of residential units. Transportation of these units to the ports and harbor sites from Israel to Turkey, lashing these units onto the cargo ships, inspecting the cargo for proper loading and lashing, sea escort and establishing operating villages in Turkey.

1999: Provision of lashing services and permits for containers and other services for big companies MSC, ZIM and MAERSK

2000: Dismantling and transporting of the concrete plant "Elkayam" from Beit-Shemesh Israel to Cyprus

2000: Transfer of the land drilling facility (RIG) from "Lapidot" to Georgia, including all the logistical & lashing services that were required for this project.

2005: Establishment of settlements for the Gaza evacuees

This project has been in cooperation with "Nepton Rolen – Israel" Company and included various loading, lashing services, transportation of the structures and establishing communities.

1999 - 2005: Establishment of the planning, inspection and supervision for loading ships of Agricultural Exports. During these years Marine Ties Ltd. has served as an exclusive consultant and inspector for all the agricultural production boats owned by ASTRAL, TNOPORT, MEADRIN and AGRESKO

Under Marine Ties Ltd. management decision, the Company has carried out a number of actions that allowed the company to progress further: finding suitable ships, the development of methods for loading and use of equipment unique to these ships, optimizing cargo loads without sustaining damage. Marine Ties success was highly recognized by the top leadership of "ZIM" and "Ofer Brothers".

2009: Israeli’s Natural Gas Lines
Marine Ties Ltd. was a partner for the operations and supervision for the "Construction and Operating of Natural Gas Transmission System" Project in Israel.

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