Marine Ties Ltd. offers wide range of services to oil and gas exploration and production companies operating in Israeliís Economic Zone & Abroad. Our professional experience in the Energy Industry includes the provision of services to more than 55 drilling well operations, completion & productions of gas reservoirs. We have been assisting different companies & sub-contractors in numerous activities providing our services from the first stages of the exploration to final production stages.
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In 2003, As a result of a general strike at Israeli ports, the Minister of Transport and Minister of Finance decided to operate and to run the Israel Shipyards port (ISY Port) as an alternative entrance for goods in order to decrease the damage to Israeli exports and imports. ISY (Israel Shipyard) was looking for a local private company with proven experience in stevedore services. Marine Ties was chosen to provide the task.

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Marine Ties Ltd. provides services to shipping agencies, customs agents and clients. Having highly experienced employees & advanced equipment, we strive to provide highly efficient services, recognizing the increasing challenge of the port and maritime industry and its unique operating environment. All of our employees are certified and trained in working on heights, lashing cargos etc. All our services can be provided in Israel and abroad.

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